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So sorry

2009-11-05 20:47:25 by darkblade4ever

Sorry if my pictures aren't showing today and i'm trying to figure it too.

So sorry


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2009-11-05 22:21:00

I'm the Nerd, I'm awesome, and I will always be better than you. You can't deny my awesome. I could beat you at everything if I tried. I can even beat you at everything with out trying. I'm awesome. And because I'm awesome, I can do anything. Bow before me, pawn. I am you lord, master, king, ruler, and god. You shall listen to none but me, I control you, I'm the best. You are a minion, and nothing better.

darkblade4ever responds:

you know art has to have emotion and feeling in it to show how you feel but i'm not trying to compete with you okay? just pretend like we're friends or something also forget it.


2009-11-07 17:09:08

your art is good! I'd scout you but I dont scout.

darkblade4ever responds:

Thank you so much.